These aren't just your typical extensions

UTAH luxury Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are meant to add or enhance beauty. You know the old saying "Pain is beauty and beauty is pain"? Well not today sista. These hair extensions will provide the beauty but without the pain or damage. Every client has different hair needs which is why I offer multiple extension methods so we can achieve the best fit for you.


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NOT ALL extensions ARE CREATED equally.

Keratin Individual (K-Tip)  Extensions

I'm one of the few Utah stylists who are certified in Keratin Individual (K-Tip) extensions. Keratin bonds are the most natural and customizable extensions available anywhere. Because they are individually placed, it allows me to completely customize your color as well as the areas we place them in. I can also customize the size of the bond to ensure we match your hair density for the most natural result.

They move and flow more naturally being individually attached.  You can move them in a 360 degree motion without damaging or showing them, making your style options more open opposed to wefts!




During your consultation, we'll book your install appointment. You can book it on your own before the consult just make sure to give me no less than one week between the consultation and the installation so I can order the necessary products!

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Click here to schedule your free 20-30 minute, In-Person consultation. I'll have different hair color options available, and examples for you to see.This way we're able to decide together what is best for you and your hair. This is REQUIRED for all new extension clients.

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Extensions Care Guide

Double your hair density
3-4 hour appointment

For clients with fine or thinning hair looking to add a lot more thickness and body.

Gimme ALL the fullness

pricing varies depending on your hair density
3-5 hour appointment

For clients wanting to add 18" of length (usually falls around the breast area)

Make my hair longer

pricing varies depending on your hair density
4-5 hour appointment

For clients wanting add 22" of length (usually falls below the breast to hip area)

Make Me Rapunzel


1 hour appointment

For clients with medium to fine hair wanting to add more fullness

Gimme  more fullness

every 2-3 months
1-3 hour appointment

For clients with medium to fine hair wanting to add more fullness

Gimme a LIL more fullness

2 hour appointment

For clients wanting to add 18" of length (usually falls around the breast area)

Make my hair longer

2 hour appointment

For clients wanting add 22" or 24" of length (usually falls to your butt)

Make Me Rapunzel

*Move-ups are every 6-8 weeks and $85 per row
$100 for the hidden method

Not sure which is right for you?

During our 1-1 consultation, we can discuss K-Tips, wefts, or a hybrid method will be best for you and your hair needs.

every 2-3 months
1-2 hour appointment

For clients wanting a little more fullness in their face framing area

Frontal Fill Ins

K-Tip Extensions

*K-Tip extensions go much further than you think. If you're debating whether or not to get them, try the Frontal Fill-Ins as a trial run!

The Investment

real results

Keratin Individual Extensions are applied by melting a bond on the extension and rolling it onto a small section of your hair. Don't worry, it's completely safe and healthy for your hair.

It's installed in a way that gives you the upmost flexibility so you can move your hair freely and style it however you want. It also has a much better weight distribution creating the most comfortable wear.
The bonds are so small and seamless which allows flexibility to fit them into more fine or tricky areas that traditional wefts and other extensions either won't reach, or won't look natural. 

I also have a wide variety of colors, ensuring the best and most blended. color match. Even with your hair lifted up and extensions showing, they're still hard to notice and see.

Keratin Individual (K-Tip) Luxury Extensions

Check up for extensions or move ups will depend on what style you have. For all my wefts move ups will be 6-8 weeks, for my keratin extensions they are typically 3 months but some may need 2 months depending on hair texture and density. 

6. How often do I have to do checkups?

I offer keratin individual hair extensions also known as K-tip extensions and beaded, braided or waterfall wefts as well as a hybrid method using wefts and keratin individuals. 

5. What type of hair extensions can you do?

I do travel for my bridal clients, not extensions or color. We can do your hair at my salon, but I recommend doing it on site at your bridal suite in your venue or wherever you are staying. It makes things way easier for you and helps take off some of the stress and load a wedding day can have. 

4. Do you travel?

Payment for hair can be through any type of credit card, cash or Venmo. 

3. What types of payment do you take?

It is best to book your appointment sooner than later to ensure the date you’re wanting is still available.  The longer you wait the higher chance of your date already being booked. 

2. How far in advance do I need to book my appointment?

My main location is at Journey Girl salon, located in American Fork at 466 900 W. American Fork, UT 84003

1. Where are you located?


Yes, hair extensions can get wet just like normal hair! When going in the ocean or swimming it’s best to braid them though so they won’t tangle and cause matting or damage in your hair. You could also get them wet before swimming and add a conditioner so they don’t soak up the pool or ocean water. and risk dulling or loosing color.

9. Can Hair Extensions get wet?

Yes, hair extensions are made with real hair. 

11. Are Hair Extensions real hair?

Hair extensions are never permanent but temporary. Any hair extension installed will always have to come out at some point, but if you want something that come out everyday clip ins are you best option as they do not have to be professionally installed or taken out. 
Wefts and K-tips are more permanent/temporary as they are installed in your hair for a longer period of time 1-3 months. 

10. Are Hair Extensions permanent?

Yes, hair extensions are definitely worth the investment and price. They’re the best to help you achieve different hair goals you didn’t know was possible. 

12. Are Hair Extensions worth it?

Keratin individual bonds, also referred to as K-tip extensions are best used for a natural and custom look. I use them to reach areas of the head where wefts can not be applied and would not look natural. They are also great for very thin hair and clients wanting less maintenance.

8. Why do you use the Keratin Tip Extensions?

When properly installed and taken care of hair extensions are not bad for you hair. 

7. Are Hair Extensions bad for your hair?

None of the hair extensions will be damaging for you. 

15. What Hair Extensions are least damaging?

Knowing the best kind of hair extensions to get will depend on your hair goals. If you like to wear a variety of hair styles, high ponytails, half ups I would recommend the Kertain or k-tip extensions. 
If you typically wear your hair down and simple you could do wefts or k-tips. 

17. What Hair Extensions should I get?

Having tried different extensions myself, keratin individuals or K-tips are the best and my favorite. They’re the most customizable, natural extensions and have the wear!Wefts and K-tips are more permanent/temporary as they are installed in your hair for a longer period of time 1-3months. 

18. What Hair Extensions are the best?

You can wash hair extensions right away, they are just like normal hair. 

16. When can you wash Hair Extensions?

Different hair extensions have different life spans. Keratin extensions are not reusable and will last for one wear but your time in between move ups are longer. Weft extensions have more frequent move ups but the hair itself will be reused each appt and can last 6months to a year. 

14. What Hair Extensions last the longest?

Yes hair extensions can be dyed darker, but can not be lightened lighter. The Line One extensions I use has such a variety in colors that I typically never need to color them. 

13. Can Hair Extensions be dyed?

Finding what hair extensions are best for you will depend on what your goal is. For example, do you want more thickness everywhere? More thickness in the front? Do you want length? I recommend a consultation so I can see your hair and talk about your goals and then give professional advice as to what’s best for your hair.  

20. Which Hair Extensions are best for fine hair?

Hair extensions should not be causing hair loss. They can if they are not properly installed or taken care of. As a stylist I make sure they will be installed in a way to help your hair and then educate you on how to properly care for them.

19. Will Hair Extensions cause hair loss?