Home Care Guide

These guidelines by Line One, if followed, ensure your own hair is kept in good condition and allowed to grow freely while wearing hair extensions.


Be gentle with your hair. If wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail style, if there is any tension or pain, your style is too tight. Lower ponytails and styles that keep the attachments at natural fall are advised.

Caution! Avoid extreme heat at the root or attachment of extensions. Excessive heat too close to the attachments will ruin your hair extensions. Blowdryers should be held at least 10 inches away from the root, at medium heat. 


Using a CX8 brush by Ibiza Hair Tools, brush gently starting from the ends. Never start brushing your hair at the root. Hold hair at the base of the attachments before brushing to reduce tension.Brush your hair regularly- at least 2x per day.


it is best to sleep with your hair in a loose braid or low pony to prevent any tangling or matting. ALWAYS brush hair before bed and right when you wake up. NEVER go to sleep with wet or damp hair.


Brush hair gently and apply 1 pump of oil to the ends before shampooing. This will avoid tangling after the shower. Hair is like a sponge, if it’s full of good moisture, it won’t be able to soak up pollutants in the water. Wash your hair standing in the shower, never in the bath or upside-down. Keep the attachments at natural fall.

First, rinse hair thoroughly before shampooing to remove buildup. Wash scalp gently with the pads of your fingers, gently exfoliating your scalp. Do not scrub in round motions around the attachments, this will cause tangling. Shampoo hair no less than every 3-4 days. Keep your scalp clean and without excess oil buildup. Treat your scalp like your face, hair cannot grow properly if you have a dirty scalp clogged with oil and product.

Washing Your Extensions

Always dry your hair after washing. Do not leave hair wet. If you’re going to air dry, ensure you blow dry the attachments thoroughly first. Squeeze water out of the extensions, do not rub.


If you are going on vacation, in a pool, in the ocean, working out, et ceterawe advise you to loosely braid your extensions for the duration of the activity. As soon as you are done, take your hair down and wash and dry it thoroughly. Do not ever leave hair in a wet braid or bun. Leaving hair up + wet for a period of time will cause tangling and loosen attachments. You should never go on a boat, ride in a convertible, or any other windy activity without your hair in a braid to prevent matting.

If you will be in the sun, please be sure to use a mineral based sunscreen to prevent the color of your extensions from changing. Be sure to avoid:


Below are some of my all time fav products that are 100% safe for your extensions!